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Call in to one of our harbours

Brittany’s coastline is more than 1500 miles long and has a hundred marinas and organised mooring places. Of a greater or lesser capacity, they offer a variety of services.

The management of Brittany’s marinas

Brittany’s marinas are managed either locally by the communes, by an Independent Authority, by a Mixed Economy Company or by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Only one of them is privately managed.

This means that 69 760 places are currently available in Brittany. Numerous projects of expansion and some to be created will soon be underway in response to the heavy demands.

Capacity of the harbours by department

Département Total capacity
(including estimation of
unauthorized moorings)
Ille-et-Vilaine 6 110
Côtes d’Armor 15 650
Finistère 25 500
Morbihan 22 500
Total 69 760 Données 2009
Port de St Quay Portrieux - Côtes d'Armor
Port de St Quay Portrieux - Côtes d’Armor

Port de Combrit - Ste Marine - Finistère
Port de Combrit - Ste Marine - Finistère

Association of Marinas in Brittany

(APPB: Association des Ports de Plaisance en Bretagne) Brittany’s marinas, which were initially assembled under U3P (Channel, Brittany, Atlantic) wanted legitimate recognition by the regional and the departmental institutions in order create new ventures

The great diversity of our harbours in Brittany make up one of the assets of our coastline. However, this has also made it difficult to have partnerships with institutions and professional people. The APPB thus promotes the interests of everyone in the profession with regard to the institutions.

The APPB, created in 1993, allows for dialogue and doing things in a coherent way within the nautical profession in the region. It is thus at the service of all of Brittany’s marinas whatever their size, structure or management strategy might be.

The APPB’s vocation is to inform, represent and publicise the marinas as partners for coastal economical development. Twelve years of productive collaboration with Brittany’s Regional Council and Department are responsible for such a positive assessment.

Extension projects

According to the Federation of Nautical Industry, 54 000 places will be lacking in French harbours taking into account the existing development of the market.

The deficit in Brittany is calculated to be 6 000 places, with the objective of making available 4 000 additional places in the next five years. Seventeen projects are at present under survey. Extension of the Port des Sablons at Saint Malo, the creation of a port at Aber Wrac’h, creation of the Port du Chateau at Brest …

Port Louis - Morbihan
Port Louis - Morbihan

- Projects End

Place Existing capacity Additional capacity Date
Saint-Cast 250 490 Finished juillet 2009
Brest- Port du Chateau 0 375 Finished 2009
Landéda Aber Wrac’h 0 320 Finished
Lorient base Sous Marins 0 165 Finished
Larmor Plage- Kernevel 793 280 Finished

- Projects

Place Existing capacity Additional capacity Date
Roscoff - Bloscon 0 600 Created in 2011/2012
Bénodet – Kergaït 480 120 Restructuration 2010/2011
Ports-Louis 230 270 Extended in 2009
Gâvres 38 108 Extended in 2011
Guidel 90 100 Extended in 2012

- Under survey

Place Existing capacity Additional capacity Date
Saint-Malo Les Sablons 1200 300 Extended
Dinard 590 310 Extended
Paimpol 300 300 Extended
Lézardrieux 708 350 Extended in 2011/2012
Plougasnou- Le Diben 200 300 Created port à flot
Lesconil 0 180 Requalification 2010/2011

Source : Association des Ports de Plaisance de Bretagne APPB