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Brittany’s nautical profession in numbers

La filière nautique en Bretagne regroupe les entreprises (majoritairement des PME, TPE), les associations et les prestataires d’activités nautiques et les ports de plaisance. La filière régionale représente 700 millions d’euros de chiffres d’affaires et emploient près de 4 000 salariés (équivalents temps plein).

More than 1 500 miles of coastline

Sein's island
Sein’s island

- North Sea Channel,
- Iroise Sea at the tip,
- South Atlantic Ocean

- Almost 500 miles of navigable routes

- Almost 800 islands and islets

The Companies

Brittany has a territory that is essentially made up of a thousand small, specialised, companies and thirty big companies. This is what makes it one of the top French nautical regions.

Brittany is a dynamic place where the nautical profession generates an annual turnover of 500 million euros. In the domain of competition and racing the turnover is 130 million euros.

A hundred marinas and mooring places


Represents 70 000 places which means it has an important impact on employment: 100 places in the port are equal to 8 jobs on shore.

More information : Les chiffres 2009 de la plaisance en Bretagne

210 000 registered boats

Les Glénans (Photos Kristen Pelou)
Les Glénans (Photos Kristen Pelou)

- This region in France is first for new registrations: 6078 in 2007/2008. Les chiffres de la plaisance 2008-> art 5327]

- With a majority of small motor boats 6 meters long and average-sized sailboats of 9 to 10 meters.

- 650 sailing clubs with an affiliated membership of 420 000 and an independent membership of 400 000 (sailing schools, kayak canoeing, surfing, rowing, diving, sail boating, kite surfing);

- 96% of Brittany’s population live less than 40 miles from the coast.